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June Riley ​

Founder and CEO of VC Taskforce

I’m here to help you bring more success, energy,
joy, and sense of wellbeing into your professional
and personal life.

about Us

As you set sail in designing the life you want, a great navigator is indispensable. My reputation as a distinguished consultant with a rich tapestry of more than twenty years embedded in the venture ecosystem, fortified by my MBA and an uncanny sense of what really works here in Silicon Valley stands as proof. With an expansive history of synergies with investors and innovators, I am primed to be your lighthouse in navigating the intricate waters of venture capital. My knowledge arsenal is invaluable for discerning individuals who seek not only guidance but a tailored approach to sailing through these currents. Whether you are an inaugural investor yearning to decipher the cryptic scripts of investment, an entrepreneur poised to procure your initial capital infusion, a scholar in pursuit of insights on forging your path in the venture capital realm, or a budding entrepreneur seeking to cultivate your business acumen, my dexterity and battle-tested expertise stand as your beacon. Your goals become my mission, and together we will chart the course to your success.


Founded in 2001

As the visionary founder of VC Taskforce, a distinguished company dedicated to empowering the venture community through cutting-edge programs and transformative events, I bring forth a unique blend of expertise and insight to revolutionize the way we navigate the dynamic landscape of business. Our distinguished forums, encompassing captivating keynotes, thought-provoking panel discussions, interactive workshops, and intimate roundtable meetings, were masterfully orchestrated by revered business and industry luminaries, ensuring an unparalleled experience for Angels, Corporate Venture Capitalists, Venture Capitalists, Family Offices, Limited Partners, and Startups across the entire spectrum of Early to Late Stage.

The dawn of the pandemic has undeniably reshaped our society and redefined the very fabric of conducting business. In this transformative era, where change is the new constant, I seized the opportunity to revolutionize our service offerings to cater precisely to the evolving needs of the venture community. My focus now extends beyond traditional offerings, as I am dedicated to catalyzing mindset modification and empowering individuals to proactively initiate transformative changes in their lives. I am passionately dedicated to fostering inclusive and diverse work environments and have incorporated these vital themes into our comprehensive program portfolio. Rest assured, selected legacy programs will continue to be part of our catalog, reflecting our unwavering commitment to driving meaningful change. Within our distinguished program catalogue, select initiatives continue to shape the future of the venture capital landscape, propelling our vision of becoming the catalysts for change we wish to witness in the world. 

My services are organized into 3 sections:


Pre Pandemic


Post Pandemic

Programs for corporates and individuals: